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The Best of Portraiture

It’s honestly just the shots I had lying around when I created the gallery … but there are a good couple of shots in there!

Fire Emergency in Full Covid Guard

Photos taken outside the Kennedy House shortly after 4pm on Thursday April 2 2020 in Philadelphia. Fire ER responding to a suspected COVID-19 case.

April 2020

This is a composite of Shaughn’s best shots over the month of April, 2020.

Life & Love In The Age Of Carona

This is Shaughn’s first experiment wtih subject, composition & lighting, divorced from the distracting elements that color daily life.

Barholle En Blu

This is Shaughn’s first gallery of street photography, with the majority taken at night.

Twilight Night

This is Shaughn’s first online digital opening.  Twilight Night is an explortation of abstraction and bleak scenery.  Barholle’s main goal was to get his hands on some pixels and makes some art.