Welcome To My Opening

Welcome to all my Philly Chinillas who have made it here tonight.  I want to thank everyone for joining me in this celebration of Philadelphia at Night.  TwilightNight is an abstract look at Philadelphia, with all original images inspired from shots taken in and around Philly.


Please open your refrigerator
and enjoy the open bar;
drink up and spend liberally.



Shaughn Barholle is a refugee from Boston, Massachusetts, settling in Philadelphia where he has become a student of the city, observing the life-pulse of Philadelphia from the classroom, to the streets to the people he delivers from place to place in his gypsy cab. 

Barholle is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA.   He agitates for social justice, good government reform and is committed to infusing art with reality in order to bring about radical change and progressive policy reforms that will enhance the quality of life for the everyday Philadelphia citizen.

If you don’t have a seat at the table, it’s time to build a bigger table.



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